A couple of months ago I had the chance to make my way out to Hickory Creek, Texas to meet Julia, who has courageously jumped into the business of real estate.   Her witty, engaging personality matched what I heard during our consultation over the phone.  After a few minutes of getting to know each other and finding a good location to setup my equipment I was ready to shoot.

The challenge of our selected location is that there just wasn’t any good natural light in the house because the sky was overcast and about to rain.  Subsequently, there wasn’t much light to push through any of the windows to get my desired result of natural light images.  So instead, I opted to shoot near the entrance of the home with my back to the door and used off camera flash to light Julia.   That rectangular light you see the background is coming from a door about 20 feet away from us.   The light from the door and the color cast off of the wood floor adds just a bit of color without being too distracting.

After a few days of going over the proofs from our session, Julia settled in on this shot.  I love this image of Julia because if I were looking for a new home, I’d at least give her a shot because this image gives me the vibe that not only is she friendly and professional, but not too pushy either.  Hopefully, I’ve done my job by producing an image that make potential clients take the first step in giving her a call when they are looking for a new home.

Good Luck Julia!