Two Headed Monster_ Sesame Street

Sesame Street was probably my favorite educational television show growing up in the 1980’s.  One one of my favorite skits on the show was when the Two Headed Monster popped onto the screen to teach us how to cooperate or sound out words like H-O-T and R-U-N.  These guys cracked me up because outside of the occasional word here and there, you couldn’t understand a word they said because they spoke in a language akin to baby babble.

From time to time though, I often wondered what it would feel like to constantly be attached to another person, having the essence of your personality inevitably intertwined with your twin with no real sense of individuality.   I’m quite sure that you would be able to adapt if you went through life as a conjoined puppet, stitched together FOREVER by needle and thread.  On the other hand, wouldn’t it be cool to do some things all on your own?  Like go get your hair done.  Take a nap!  Take a picture perhaps.   All…By…Your…Self!

Seriously, I kid to make a point.  Your profile photo on professional career sites like LinkedIn, is one of the few places where potential employers and future clients expect to see of photo of just you.  Sure, it’s tempting to crop your family members out of last years’ family photo, but we can still tell that you were leaning up against your other “monster” half.  In this age where more and more people are investing in their personal brand (this isn’t just for those who own their own business), it’s becoming ever more important to set yourself apart from others in every way possible.  A good place to start is by investing in a high quality headshot for yourself.  Why? Because your online impression is often your first impression.  Let’s make sure that it is a good one.








Maybe I should take my own advice!