Headshot FAQ’s

Q: Do you retouch my images?

Absolutely! I provide full retouching on all of your hi-resolution images included in your package. That includes color correcting, cropping, removal of any unnatural blemishes, stray hairs, bags under eyes and lightening of some wrinkles. Using the services of a professional make-up artists helps with the editing process. The ultimate goal is to provide you with your “Best Day” look without looking like a mannequin.

Q: What if I want additional hi-resolution images from my headshot session?

Additional fully retouched hi-resolution images can be purchased for $55 each. Additional discounts can also be earned.

Q: Do you offer discounts on re-shoots?

Yes. All clients who have booked a signature headshot session with me will receive a discount of $75 off their future signature headshot session OR $50 off my Lifestyle Portrait session fee.

Q: What happens to the images from the shoot after our session is complete?

All of your gallery images presented to you will be backed up and archived for 5 years.

Q: Do I really need a make-up artist?

Although it’s not required, it I do highly recommend it. If you already have a personal makeup artist, feel free to use their services.

Q: What should I bring with me to the session?

Besides your smile? My standard signature headshot session includes 3 wardrobe changes. Therefore, please bring at least 3 changes of clothing. Please arrive to your session in the first outfit you would like to be photographed in.

Q: I really only need the hi resolution images from my signature headshot session. What would I do with the 40 low resolution images?

Share them on social media. Share them with family and friends as your contact profile photo.  You can also use them as a reference for additional images from your session you might be thinking about purchasing at a later time.

Q: Do you provide all of the RAW images from our session?

No. My clients are paying for both my time as well as my photographic style. My finalized images reflect my vision in its totality.

Q: Do you perform shoots on location?

Yes. All of my sessions are performed at my clients preferred location.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what I how I uses my images?

Included in the price of your headshot session is licensing for personal use of the digital images that include printing and personal web publishing. However, the license does not include use that would result in financial gain such as advertising, stock photography, print sale profits, etc. If you require extended usage, additional fees will apply.

Q: Do you provide full rights to the images?

Maddie Grace Photography retains all copyright to the images. In the rare case someone requires full copyright of an image, the cost per image is $500.

Q: My images won’t be used in a magazine or on a billboard will it?

Not without your permission. My contract includes a model release that my clients are free to opt out of. Although, I would be honored to use your images to promote and advertise Maddie Grace Photography, I respect all of my clients’ right to privacy.