A few weeks ago I was contacted with an exciting opportunity to shoot photographs of Elicit’s leadership team for their website.  Elicit is a company based in Minnesota that you may not have heard of, but is doing some fantastic stuff in the customer analytics and marketing arena, with a healthy client roster that includes Southwest Airlines, Best Buy and Fossil.

Since most of the team was coming in from out of town we needed to decide on a convenient, yet appropriate place that pretty much throws traditional headshots out the door, but still provided us with a business-y feel.  We ended up deciding on the swanky Nick & Sam’s Restaurant at Park Cities in Dallas.  The restaurant GM, Brian Knoy was kind enough to give us free reign to shoot anywhere we wanted for a couple of hours.  I’d also like to provide a huge thanks to Aaron Hursman, User Experience Director at nGame, who provided the direction on the look and feel of the images to complement the overall design of their website.

Mason Thelen is the company’s CEO and co-founder with a knack for spinning up successful businesses and in impeccable taste in suits.  Can you say SHAWP!

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