Darnasha is a multi-talented IT project coordinator who happens to do a bit of modeling on the side.  It’s not often that I get to photograph people with previous modeling experience.  When it comes to posing my clients, I take a verbally directive approach.  Essentially, I don’t do a lot of pushing and tugging on people to get them into position to be photographed, but i do provide quite a bit of coaching.  (i.e., lean forward at the waist, chin down, forehead out and……show me some teeth ).  Darnasha instinctively knew what to do by making slight, subtle changes in head position and expression between shots.    As a result, we were able to get some images that are perfect for a corporate headshot, but were very commercial as well.  Really cool stuff!

Thanks Darnasha for taking the time to photograph with me.  I actually learned a few things from you!

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