For those of you who keep up with my blog, you know that I envy any guy who can pull off a beard.  Personally, I can wear a beard for as long as I can stand it, which isn’t very long at all because of all the itching it causes my face, but on the other hand, I’m just too lazy to maintain the doggon thing.  However, ma’ man Daren pulls it off quite nicely.  I shot Daren last week along with a couple of other IT pro’s against a super cool reflective background made of what I refer to as bathroom tile.  I secretly wish I had this stuff on my bathroom walls.  Anyway, we all agreed that this would be the perfect spot to shoot.  One thing about Daren is that he photographs much better than he thinks he does.  Going into our time together I knew that I would have an easy time photographing Daren….only because I’ve seen some amazing images from he and his wife’s destination wedding in Mexico.   Once I got back to my computer I honestly had a very hard time narrowing down his best images to present to him because aside from the half-asleep / mostly inebriated images I always get when people blink are are mid sentence during our sometimes playful banter during the shoot, we got a ton of really nice images.  This one won out.

Maddie Grace Photography Headshots - Frisco, Texas

Thanks Daren for helping out with my equipment along with your with and humor that triggered some of the natural expressions I got from Jeff and Mark.  You’re a really super guy!  I’m starting to think I use the word ‘Super’ way too much!

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