MGP :: Frisco Corporate Headshot Outtake :: Doug

Some of the coolest images I’ve shot is when I’m getting my clients warmed up.  I can usually tell within minutes after I point my camera at my subject how self conscious they feel about having their picture taken.  More often than not, even the most outgoing of people turn into a stone sculpture once the camera shutter clicks.  For others, they turn into the biggest goofballs you could ever imagine.  I’m a bit of a goofball myself most of the time.  Ultimately, I want to make sure that our time together is enjoyable.

Check out this outtake image of Doug, a Frisco professional who just recently received a promotion.  Applause everyone!  You can tell that he’s an uninhibited guys who doesn’t take himself too seriously.  We were having a good time and because of that I believe that he almost forgot that the camera was even in the room.

Doug | Headshot Outtake

And as a consequence, happy, relaxed clients, end up taking great shots.  He looks CONFIDENT and APPROACHABLE.  That’s what corporate headshots are all about.  Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe the grin on his face had nothing to do with me at all.  Maybe he’s counting those dollar signs in his head….. Cha-Ching!