LinkedIn Profile Picture No-No | Round 1

Welcome to my series of posts that will outline what your LinkedIn profile pic should NOT look like.  As a photographer, I think it’s best if you invest in a professional headshot for yourself to use as a means to promoting yourself.  I also believe that you can get some pretty descent results on your own.  However, there are some pretty vital mistakes that I see some of my fellow LinkedIn contacts make that could be hurting their marketability to prospective employers.  So without further adieu, let’s get started.

No-No #1: Cell phone image taken in your car.

Your LinkedIn headshot should not be taken in a vehicle, unless of course you are a race car driver.  There’s a handful of better locations I can think of.  A business park would be more fitting.  Truth is, we really don’t need to see things like your kids’ car seat in the background.  Cool for Facebook, but not cool for LinkedIn.

No-No #2: Cell phone image taken….with Flash….in the bathroom….with  your back to the mirror.

Any picture taken in a bathroom of any type should never be considered as a LinkedIn profile picture.  Mainly because it gives the impression that you’re getting ready to head out to a party and not work.  Also, if you can see the flash in the image, it distracts the viewer from your face.  Toon in next week for the 2nd installment of this series.