Julie || Corporate Headshot || Frisco, Texas

Julie is a business analysis professional who works in Frisco, Tx.  After a few silly exercises to get those early session jitters out of the way, we were rocking and rolling in short order.  Soon enough we were getting shot after shot of pure awesomeness.  After our session was complete, she got a chance to see about 10 of her best images and she decided on this one.   Perfection!  Together, I believe we achieved the overall goal for HER headshot.  Does she look confident?  Yup!  How about approachable?  You betcha!  More than that, she looks happy.  Kinda like someone you’d like to hire or do business with, right?  Julie || Corporate Headshot || Frisco, Texas || Maddie Grace Photography

Then we decided to change it up and try for something a bit more casual and relaxed.  If I didn’t know any better, I’d think she were a famous actress.  We still get two of the same emotions as before.  Confident, Approachable and a hint of Sophistication.  I think that’s what Tyra Banks calls ‘Smiling With Your Eyes’.

Julie || Corporate Headshot || Frisco, Texas || Maddie Grace Photography


Great job Julie, and thanks for giving me the opportunity to photograph you.