The Johnson Family | Frisco Family Photographer

A few weeks ago on a cloudy morning, we met up with Sandra and her two boys, praying that the clouds above us wouldn’t open up and begin to pour down rain.  Luckily we were able to escape with only a few faint droplets falling from the sky.  Mom hopped out of the car with a beautiful yellow dress on vivid enough to chase the rain away.  And those two boys of hers warmed up to my wife and I in a heartbeat.  The youngest fell asleep on the way to the park and I was a little worried that he would be angry with us for waking him up mid nap, but after just a couple of minutes, he was clearly READY TO GO with the FLOW!

As usual with small children, we let them do their own thing.  Once the atmosphere was set, there were times when they forgot that the camera existed…..well at times of course.  By the end of the session we were ALL pooped and HUNGRY!!  For sure, it was time to wrap it up and call it a morning.

Thanks Sandra for allowing us to capture this exciting time in your life.  Many blessings to you guys!