Sohaib :: Headshot :: Frisco, Tx

Sohaib is a local business owner who specializes in healthcare IT services.  He and his sister Sobia teamed up to have their headshot session at the same time.  We had an awesome time getting to him and his passion for business.  Aside from the usual photographing that takes place, this session was little different for me.  Mainly because I got to see real family love in action.  Sohaib, whom I photographed first also acted as stylist to his sister.  At one point I heard him say, “Hey Sobia, I think it would be a good idea if your wore a necklace with that blouse.”  To watch the two of them interact was inspiring as well as refreshing.  It’s not often that I see siblings really care for each other in such a way.

As for the final image that he selected, I think it has a very commercial feel to it.  I hope that when people see his image, they instantly think, “That looks like a handsome dude with a great heart!”  Thanks Sohaib for spending a portion of your weekend with us.

Maddie Grace Photography | Headshot Photographer

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