Lisa | Corporate Headshot | Frisco, Texas

During almost every headshot session, the subject of nerves comes up.  My recent session with Lisa was no exception.  Every client is concerned about looking their very best and with just a small bit of time and an ample amount of trust we always come up with some amazing images that the client feels really good about.

Lisa, a Product Manager in a new phase of her career exudes confidence, but readily admitted that like many of us on the planet, does not like to be photographed.  Truth be told, most photographers are intimidated themselves when the camera is turned on them.  With a little bit of reassurance and coaching we were able to get more than a handful of great images to choose from with a good mix of natural light and off-camera flash.

Once all was said and done, we settled on this image as our favorite shot.  Sometimes God’s natural light beats out fancy light setups.

Maddie Grace Photography by Seneca Jones - Corporate Headshot

What a perfect image Lisa! I’m honored to have played a role in your professional career.  Best of luck to you.

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