LinkedIn Profile Picture No-Nos | Round 3

In case you missed it here’s Round 2.

No-No #5: Father Time

So you got called in for a job interview.  Woo hoo! But once you meet the hiring manager or recruiter they suddenly gaze at you with the utter look of bewilderment, thinking to themselves, “This surely isn’t the same guy I saw when I viewed his headshot on the “googles”.”  That’s probably because your profile pic is picture of you from way back in 1989.   If that’s the case, it’s definitely time to update your photo with a much more resent image.  Employers feel that you have misrepresented yourself by appearing to be much younger than you really are.  Other instances where you might want to update your headshot is in the event that you’ve gotten a drastically different hairstyle, or perhaps you don’t look quite the same as you used to six months ago.  Nose jobs or facelifts are what immediately come to mind.  Maybe you’ve lost a considerable amount of weight.  Why not reward yourself with a snazzy new headshot to celebrate reaching your goal.  Even if nothing has changed much over the years, it’s best to consider updating your headshot every 3 to 5 years or so.  Especially, if your clothing is outdated.

Linked In | No No's | Corporate HeadshotNo-No #6: Little People

You ever see someones profile pic and you literally have to squint to make out what they look like.  Who is that little tiny person inside that 1 x 1 inch box.  You’ve got to get bigger!

Linked In | No No's | Corporate Headshot

 Make sure your FACE is clearly visible so that it’s easier for people viewing your headshot to get a feel for your personality.  The truth is, people judge you based on their first impression.  The last thing you want is for a potential employer or client to feel apathetic about inviting you in for an interview after seeing an image of you.  I’m willing to bet that a candidate with a descent resume, accompanied by a fantastic headshot like the one you see below, just might get a call to come in and interview over the tiny guy in the image above.  In the end, you’re probably better off having one of those in your car cell phone images over one where you can barely see the person.

Stay tuned for Round 4, where I’ll discuss “Scrapbook Images” and “Black Holes”.

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