LinkedIn Profile Picture No-No | Round 2

In case you missed it here’s Round 1.

No-No #3: Glamour Shots

There have been very few people who have actually seen this image of me….EVER, but i feel that it will go a long way to help me make my point.  Glamour styled shots, like the one shown below should never be your LinkedIn profile pic…unless of course, you are trying to get a job as a Chippendale’s dancer.  Ultimately, the goal is to be taken seriously and images like this one won’t make that happen.  More than anything when people may be inclined to snicker and move on.

Glamour Shot

No-No #4: The 2 Headed Monster

No more than one person should be in the shot, and that person should be YOU.  It’s not just other people’s heads that shouldn’t be in the shot either.  This also includes other peoples hands, shoulders or any other body parts.  If the best picture that you have of yourself has other people in it, now would be a good time to hire a local photographer to hook you up with a crisp and clean headshot.  If you live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area, I’d be happy to help you solve this problem.  Check out my Headshot Portfolio.LinkedIn - 2 HeadsWhat’s next for round 3?  I’ll tackle “Little People” and “Father Time”.   See ya next time.