Kick your New Year off right with a….. Headshot!

Yay!  2013 is finally here!  That means that resolution declarations and goal setting is in full swing.  This includes some new professional goals that folks like you have set out to achieve.  Some are thinking about promotions, while others start putting together their plans for new businesses that they are looking to start soon.  Whatever dream you may have, don’t forget to add getting a new or replacing an outdated professional headshot to your list of to-do’s for the new year.

The old adage, ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” rings even truer in today’s social networking age than any other time in history.  Oftentimes, before companies interview potential employees or enter into business negotiations, they peruse the Googles to see if an image of a person exists somewhere out there in the cyberworld.  Think about it! Whenever you select a new primary care physician, it’s always helpful if the doc has an image of his or herself, right?  If they don’t appear to be our ‘cup-o-tea’, we politely move along to the next physician on the list.

So, I would like to be a part of your public relations team by assisting you with your professional headshot to get your New Year’s business goals kicked off right.  Go right on over to my Headshot Sessions page at and check out our affordable headshot pricing.