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Venu is a Senior IT Director for a local company in Frisco with a cool, low-key, laid back demeanor and has been with the same company for more than a decade.  Besides being a hard worker, he’s also a dedicated family man who was pleasantly easy to photograph.  That’s not to say there wasn’t a big of reluctance at the beginning of our session, which is typical of almost every person I’ve photographed, but soon enough, getting natural expressions from Venu proved effortless.  Once our time was done, I sent him a handful of proofs and he decided on two finalized images.  Both were fantastic, but my favorite is the one below.

Then I got to thinking.  Let’s say I never met Venu before, but found out that there was a potential of doing business with him, however I had the opportunity of seeing his image beforehand. After viewing this headshot, I would instantly think to myself, “Hey, I think I could work with this guy!”  He appears to be approachable, confident and professional…..all without being stiff and stuffy. As usual, that is always the goal.

Thanks Venu for letting me photograph you!

Frisco Headshot Photographer | Venu

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